Hi, I'm Sunny.

Dear Jay & Sapphire,

Yesterday was a snow day. April 15th. A snow day. Despite the fact we were having a blizzard, Wes chose to go to school. Madison chose to stay home.

I started cipralex Sunday night and I don't know if it's working or if things are just improving because it's not really "winter" anymore even though yesterday was a snow day or if this is even just a flukey few days, but Monday was a good day and yesterday was a good day and so far today's been pretty great as well.

Yesterday I actually had an IDEA. It was a terrible idea, truly dreadful, but despite it being a dumb idea that would never go anywhere, I spent the day nurturing it (with Madison thinking there was something very wrong with my imagination) and came up with several pages of notes and some scenes. It's like...World War Z meets Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, the latter of which I've never actually seen but I understand the concept completely. If I came up with one idea this bizarre per week no matter how terrible and unusable it may be, I would be a happier person. I do have a question though, well two: does something have to be sentient to feel pain? does something that feels pain have to be sentient? Like, by definition? Sentience is partially defined as being "characterized by sensation" and pain's a sensation...? I've confused myself.

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<Sunny> okay that's it, I'm waking Blake's ass up. Talk to y'all later!! ~*poof*~

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just wanted to say you are looking DAMN fine! And, Happy birthday a little late.