Hi, I'm Mara Lolita.

last weekend

i am extremely sorry about last weekend's show scheduling, and then not showing up :( when i went to do my show on saturday night my internet disconnected and i was pissed!! therefor- i have to reschedule it..
i am making it this saturday 12am Est/ 9pm Pac :)

i have not blogged in awhile! let's see- i upgraded my webcam :D
i bought the new logitech :) it is soo nice!
new years and xmas was good.. didn't get to see the fam, but i made the best of things
my sister had a baby, a girl- a month ago, her name is Bella,
i go to see her in a week or two- just saving up the money now for the plane ticket!
i was bummed i couldn't make it for her birth, but oh well- can't exactly time a baby lol
other than that i am good :)

ohoh- !!i do have videos for sale..!!
woohoo finally :D
lots more- solo, girl/boy, and i am taking requests!
definately to message me if you are interested!!

okay off to bed- it's been a long night, but good :)
cya all saturday night!! <3
xoxo mara

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