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It's 6 hours before our next scheduled video show starring Stephy begins, but unscheduled shows can happen any time!

Upcoming show:

Stephy has a show starting in 6 hours.

First show in a year and a half! Come hang out :) I make 0 promises as to the content other than a bearded...

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Recent show:

KinkyArtGirl did a show 91 days ago. Watch now!

It's been a long time since I did a show but the urge just struck me. Watch me stroke my natural hairy...

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Re: #gamergate

There was a tweet that sums up how I feel about it: Gamers in 1999: "Don't blame video games for gun...


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Guess who can finally do sshhoowwssss?

I finally met all my requirements to do shows, and I'm itching to start one! I'd like to get one done next week, but with the world series and halloween that might not be possible...


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My Reaction to What Happened in Ottawa on Oct. 22, 2014

"A soldier was just shot at the War Memorial..."Words I woke up to on the radio yesterday, as well...